Income reportIt’s no secret that bloggers make money blogging. But you may not know that some bloggers make A LOT of money blogging.

Recently, someone told me a story about his coworkers not believing anyone could make a lot of money blogging. Being in the blogging space, I was so surprised. I’m surrounded by people who know this is true, and I forget that it’s not entirely obvious to non-bloggers.

So, I want to share with you bloggers who make over five and six figures every month. These bloggers share their “income reports” on their blogs. This is how I know they make that much money.

In the online world, it’s not uncommon for bloggers to publish blog posts called “income reports” where they share with their readers how their blog makes money. I don’t publish my own, so I wanted to round up some of my favorites below.

I started blogging as a way to write about my student loans. Now, I get over 150k pageviews/month and make money that supplements some of my student loan payments. My goal for next year is to make enough to put a significant chunk onto my loans. That’s the great thing about blogging – the potential is unlimited.

So, with that, here’s a list of awesome bloggers who are killing it online and gracious enough to share their income with us (side note – the numbers below are gross, so expenses are not included. If you go to the actual income report for each blogger, you’ll see a breakdown of their expenses and net income.)


4 Bloggers Who Make 6-Figures Per Month

These 4 bloggers make 6-figures incomes per month from their blog. It’s super incredible! And safe to say their blogs have turned into very profitable businesses.

1. John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire

Type of Blog: Entrepreneurship
Latest Income Report: Nov 2016: $205,459
Income Reports:

2. Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

Type of Blog: Blogging and Online Business
Latest Income Report: Nov 2016: $132,179.75
Income Reports:

3. Michelle Schroeder from Making Sense of Cents

Type of Blog: Personal Finance
Latest Income Report: Nov 2016: $106,383.89
Income Reports:

4. Melyssa Griffin from

Type of Blog: Blogging and Online Business
Latest Income Report: Nov 2016: $140,779
Income Reports:


4 Bloggers Who Make 5-Figures Per Month

The 4 bloggers below make 5-figures per month from their blog, ranging from $20k+ / month to $90k+ / month. They’re all killing it blogging!

1. Lindsay from Pinch of Yum

Type of Blog: Food
Latest Income Report: Nov 2016 $95,197
Income Reports: 

2. Abby from Just A Girl And Her Blog

Type of Blog: Decorating and Organizing
Latest Income Report: Nov 2016: $40,124
Income Reports:

3. Rosemarie from The Busy Budgeter

Type of Blog: Family and Personal Finance
Latest Income Report: Oct 2o16: 32,469
Income Reports:

4. Holly and Greg from Club Thrifty

Type of Blog: Personal Finance
Latest Income Report: Sept 2016: $25,934
Income Reports:


A Final Note!

Reading income reports (the blog posts showing what bloggers make online) is super fun – especially if you’re a blogger.

And if you’re looking for more, give Google a search for “Bloggers Income Reports” and you’ll see there are so many other bloggers out there making money blogging, too.

UPDATE: Since writing this post, another blogger has come on the scene and is making six figures per month from two blogs. It’s a couple and the most amazing part is that they creating  blogging courses that teach people how they went from $0 to $50k blogging in under two years.

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