Believing new things

When you master the skill of believing something new, you have won the lottery. 

Literally, it’s like having a genie in a bottle that you can call on to make your dreams come true. 

You always have a way to create a completely new and different future because you have the secret—the skill of creating new beliefs. Those new beliefs are what create your results. Always. 

In this episode, I show you how to create new beliefs so you can create any result you want. This is a life changer.

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Full Believing New Things Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Hey friend. How are you today? I’m really, really, really happy to be here with you. It’s a lot going on in my life, a lot of good things and a lot of obstacles and I am working through all of it and I am loving my life on purpose. I’m finishing up my work with my one to one coach. I’ve talked about it before. If you’re new here, to give you some background, I hired one of the best coaches in the world in my opinion. I paid her 10 grand. I worked with her for four months. Once a week, we met for about an hour. She is a deep dive life coach. She is fantastic and the reason that I decided to work with her is because I believe that everyone needs a life coach.

Five years ago, ten years ago, I didn’t even know what a life coach was. And since being introduced to life coaching, not only have I become a life coach, but I take it very seriously. And what I mean by that is I believe in the concepts so much that I regularly apply them to my life. So at certain points I will have a business coach. Sometimes I will have a life coach. You know, in the future I might have a relationship coach because I always want to grow in different ways in my life. I’m also a member of group coaching programs similar to the one that I offer Grow You where I kind of have that as sort of a gym membership. We’re running in the background of all of my specific one to one coaches. It’s always a place where I can go and get more content, more inspiration, more coaching.

So I’m telling you this because of what I want to talk with you about today, which is an episode on believing new things. I remember when I first learned that I could think anything at any time. I immediately felt a sense of relief and freedom because prior to that, what most people who don’t know anything about life coaching do is they think that their life is always going to be a certain way because of their circumstances. They think that they’re always going to either be in debt or struggle with men or be overweight and they might set some goals or try to make some small improvements, but it’s all kind of predicated on their current circumstances being determinative of what the future will be. So someone might come to me and say, you don’t understand. I’ve always struggled with weight. I can’t lose the weight. I’ve tried everything I, you know, just really want this weight gone. It’s like driving me crazy. And they don’t understand that all of those sentences are thoughts and that they’re totally optional.

So pretty quickly when I learned that I could think anything, I just got rid of a lot of thoughts that weren’t serving me, like immediately. And I adopted some thoughts that were really, really supportive. I started to believe in possibilities for my future that I had never believed in. I dove deeper into this thought work as I call it, and I learned that all of my thoughts create all of my results and that by thinking differently, I become someone different and I create a different result.

Now, I’ve talked about this on the podcast a lot, but I think that I can teach it in a new and different way that might hit home for you here, because I know even with Grow You members and my clients and students in my courses that we’re still not getting it in the way that I want you to get it. So when you really understand that your thoughts become beliefs and those beliefs create all of your results, immediately anything you truly desire as possible, you’re no longer limited by your current circumstances. Now, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. It doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be obstacles, but it immediately opens up the possibility of things, right?

So my coach, who I love so much, she said, you manage your mind in the top 1%, I think I’ve mentioned this before on here. And I laugh and I say to her back, you know this stuff works, right? Then we both laugh, what I’m saying when I say that to her is that I believe that my thoughts create my reality. I believe that my thoughts create my results. So I use her as a way for her to show me the gaps in my own thinking so that I can go about creating the results. I know that she’s not going to create the results for me, but I know that I can’t really read the my own label from inside my own mind. And it’s so much more valuable to have a coach. I’ll get the results faster. I will be able to see obstacles that are getting in my way that I, you know, don’t really see and I’ll be able to see the truth about some things that I didn’t even know were beliefs. I just took them as facts. So we often confuse facts with thoughts, right? So the facts of the world are the circumstances. Your thoughts are totally optional. They are what you believe about the circumstances.

So an example of a circumstance versus a thought would be me saying, I’m really bad at math. Let’s just make that up, right? If I said I’m really bad at math and I just really believe that, and I’m like, no, you don’t understand. I got a D in math, I failed math, right? None of this is true. I’m just making it up and I’m just giving you all of this evidence. I could get everyone to believe me that I’m really bad at math, but that’s just a thought. I’m really bad at math. The facts might be, I failed a math class. I tried to solve a problem and got the wrong answer. The facts are always really boring and we often take our beliefs as facts and then they become limiting beliefs. So I might use all of that as evidence for why I couldn’t become an accountant or I couldn’t be the CFO in my own business, or I couldn’t be a mathematician or I couldn’t be an engineer. Whatever the case may be. It’s so often that we take these limiting beliefs as facts when really they are thoughts.

So when I first learned that I could believe anything and that my thoughts created my results, I was immediately drawn to thought work and started applying it to my life in areas that I wanted new results in. So that’s what I want you to do. I want you to think about areas of your life that you want to change, improve, get new results in. I often give examples in the three kind of main areas that people want changes in which are relationships, money, and health. So if you want to have a better relationship with your spouse or meet your future husband, or if you want to make more money in your job or in your business, or if you want to lose weight, that’s a big one. Lots of Grow You members have impossible goal this year about losing weight.

So whatever the case may be, it can be something totally different. Think about the results that you want and think about the belief that you currently have that got you that result. All of your results you created from your beliefs. How much money you make is because of a belief. Your marital status is because of a belief. The job you have is because of a belief. How much you weigh is because of a belief. So I talk a lot about this in terms of my own journey and I keep living through these examples in my life because I want you to know that I’m applying this work to my life so that you can see it’s possible for you as well.

So in the last six months of working with my life coach, I started dating Steve, the love of my life, I quit drinking, I got a puppy and I moved to a home that now has an office for me. All of these were things on my kind of future self letters, on my dream list. They were all very much things that I wanted. If you would have asked me a year ago, I would’ve said, you know, I want to meet someone, I want to quit drinking, I want to get a puppy and I want to have my own office. Those were all things that I thought my future self would have.

So a year ago I did not have those results and it’s so interesting, I remember thinking that I needed to exchange the value of my money to quit drinking. And it’s really interesting if you think about it a little bit deeper than what most people would do, which is, oh, that’s kind of like unnecessary or ridiculous or something. For me, I truly believe that money is just flowing through me and to me as an exchange of value. So the more value I provide to the world, the more money I make. For me to really get really big results in my life, I really wanted to pay the best coach in the world to work with me and I wanted to pay her a lot of money. I didn’t try to negotiate her price. I didn’t try to find other people. In fact, in the beginning she was kind of like, well, I don’t know if it’s a good fit. She was very willing to suggest other people to work with and I said, nope, I’m going to work with you. I will pay you the 10 grand, done. I wanted to give her that value because I knew how seriously I would take it if I gave her that money.

So has anyone ever given you login to something that they paid for a course or a program of some sort and they paid for it, but you didn’t. Notice how you won’t take it as seriously as the person who paid or as you would when you pay for it. Like I paid my life coach $10,000. I take that so seriously. So I was like, well, this is the time future self is here. Right? I became the person who attracted the love of my life. I became the person who just doesn’t drink anymore. I just prefer to not drink. I became the person who has a puppy. I became the person who has this new home with an office for me to work in, and I did it in a short time without deadlines because I decided to do it from a place of completely changing my beliefs.

So remember, every result you have in your life is due to a belief and they’re your results. So a lot of times clients in Grow You will get confused about their results versus someone else’s results. Someone just emailed me saying, the result that I want is for my daughter to get married. That is not a result for you. That is your daughter’s business. That is her goal. That is her life. That is her result based on her thoughts, feelings, and actions. What do you want for your result in your life? Bring it back to your business. That’s what we call it in life coaching. If you’re in someone else’s business, you’re going to create a lot of negative emotion and a lot of suffering unnecessarily. So bring it back to your mind and think about your results that you have right now and think about the thought and the belief that created that result.

I used to think that I was going to struggle with dating and that I wouldn’t meet the guy for me. I used to think that I had to work really, really hard to make more money and I don’t believe any of those things anymore. And I work less than I did before. I probably work less than 40 hours, especially with Penny right now and I make more money than I ever have. K?. I am a with this amazing man, right? My relationship is easy. We’ve argued less than I’ve ever argued in any relationship. I had to become someone totally different.

So for you, I want you to consider completely changing your beliefs in an area where you want new results because that is what it takes. So some people will come to Grow You for coaching and they’ll want coaching about their business and they’ll come on and they’ll say, well, my dream client is a six figure earner who’s very polished and professional and the coach that she’s looking to hire is also someone who’s very polished and professional. And then they’ll say, but I’m not someone who’s very polished and professional. That’s just not me. Right? And you have to be careful because that’s a limiting belief and it’s based solely on your thoughts about yourself. It’s not based on a fact. It’s just based on your brain looking for past evidence that you are a certain way and you can just give that up immediately. You can just say effective today, I am not someone who procrastinates. I’m not someone who wears yoga pants all day. I’m someone who uses my calendar, produces at a high rate, dresses up every day, and attracts my dream client.

Now, if you have resistance to that, you have to dig deeper and find out what that’s about. Maybe you don’t really want to do that and if you don’t want to, that’s okay, but you need to be honest about it and stop acting confused as to why you’re not attracting what you want in your life. One of the biggest mistakes that people make with believing something new is that they wait for the evidence to start believing. So it sounds like this, once I meet the right person, then I’ll know it’s possible for me to get married or once I lose the weight, then I’ll know it’s possible. Then I’ll be able to believe. Or once I learn how to build an online business, then I’ll know I can do it.

So what’s happening is you’re waiting for evidence to show you that it’s okay for you to believe and remember what I started with. You can believe anything, anything. I cannot overestimate how transformational and powerful this is if you truly, truly believe it. I’ve always believed this and I’m always willing to give up my past beliefs and that’s why I’m able to uplevel and change my life so quickly. I’m like, oh, that entire identity isn’t serving me anymore time to shred it. And there is a discomfort and sometimes even a loss that comes along with it. But I’m willing to do that because I have the awareness that that’s what it takes, that I really want my new identity more.

I was following like a mom blog, I forget which one it was and she posted something on Facebook about ending her chapter on running. She had been a marathon runner and now she couldn’t run anymore because of her knees and it had to do with her overall health and part of it was her pregnancies and having kids and this chapter just needing to complete, and she kind of wrote this letter about the struggle that she was going through ending this chapter, but how it was worth it. And that’s what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being aware that you really like your life in a certain way, but you’re still willing to close that chapter to trade it in for the next version.

It’s hard to do, but I’m telling you, that’s where you get results. And if you can do this ahead of time, you will create the results so much faster. What I mean by this is if you wait for the evidence in order to believe, you will probably not get what you want. I like to think of the example of some sort of invention. So someone had to think of a cell phone before it was ever created. The thought came first. So there was a thought, there was a bunch of action, right? A bunch of failures, a bunch of more action, and then the result of a cell phone was invented, but there had to be a belief that the cell phone was possible first. That belief came first. So you have to believe without evidence. It’s a skill and it’s a skill you can get really, really good at.

I do this all the time and sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m not being a liar. So when I was dating a while ago, I remember on one of my online dating profiles, I had entrepreneur as the job description for myself. And one of my friends was laughing and she was like, but you’re not an entrepreneur, you’re a financial planner. And I said, I know but I don’t even feel like a financial planner anymore. I genuinely just identify as an entrepreneur. And that’s kind of how I’ve always been since doing this work. I create the belief and the feeling and then I take a bunch of action and then I get the result. I don’t wait until I have the result to start identifying in that way.

So the more that you are looking for evidence in order to believe, the more I want you to take that as a sign that you are not believing and I want you to just dare to believe whatever it is you want to believe. Because there is no downside to believing what you want to believe. Okay? So let’s say you believe that this year you are going to lose 50 pounds and you go through the year and you kind of yo yo, and at the end of the year you end up losing 20 pounds. Even through December the last month of the year, I still want you to practice believing in the possibility of it despite the evidence because there is no downside.

I tend to think of corporate structures and corporations and being in business meetings and they want all the data and the evidence and the likelihood of success. And I think that that is just a dream killer. And I want you to do the exact opposite here. Yeah, I’ve only lost 30 pounds and it’s December, but my goal is 50 pounds. So I’m just going to believe in the possibility of it. Now, I don’t want you to go about, you know, killing yourself and starving yourself to get it done. I want you to just believe for the sake of believing because this is a skill and if you get really good at believing in the possibility of having whatever you want in one area, you will be familiar with the process and you will be able to apply that skill to another area.

So it’s not that it will necessarily happen naturally. You will still have to do the work in a different area, but you will be familiar with what it’s like. You will be able to pull on the fact that, oh yeah, I did that with my health. Someone from Grow You wrote into me and she is a blogger and her goal this year was to lose 17 pounds. That was her impossible goal. She wrote to me in February and said that she already lost 15 pounds and she said, you always talked about becoming her ahead of time, and I never understood what it meant, but I get it now. I used to think that I couldn’t pass up the snacks at work. I kind of blamed my snacking on the snacks being available in the break room. She said, but now I’m just someone who doesn’t even snack at all. I don’t even think about the snacks. They’re just not an option. I’m just a non-snacker. That is the shift I’m talking about, k? It’s not the how energy where you’re so focused on how do I give up snacking? How do I do this? How do I make the money? How do I, how do I, how do I to try to get evidence to support your belief. It’s believing that you are just someone who doesn’t snack. It’s believing that you are just someone who makes six figures. It’s believing that you are just someone who doesn’t drink. Right. That’s what I did when I gave up alcohol. I just decided that I was just going to be someone who preferred not to drink. There wasn’t a lot of drama with it. I didn’t get, you know, a ton of coaching on it. I really just felt like by paying my coach that much money for our time together, that that was a way I wanted to radically change my life.

So for you, what kind of identity do you need to let go of? I’ve talked about this in Grow You. I don’t know if I’ve talked about it yet on the podcast, but it’s like when you are single and your connecting with everyone else who’s single in a way where it’s not serving you for the result that you want. So let’s say you’re single and you want to get married, you want to meet your life partner, fall in love, get married, but you’re spending all your time around single friends complaining about how hard dating is and you’re kind of exchanging memes about how hard dating is. And you are really identifying as someone who would like to but doesn’t yet think it’s possible for you to have that result. You’re just someone who single, dating is hard, this isn’t working out for you. And all of the evidence in your life is easily available for you to point to that is the opposite of believing what you actually want to believe.

So for you to change your beliefs, here is what I want you to do. I want you to do three things. Step one is to discover what you’re currently believing. This is an awareness of your unconscious beliefs. And I’ve said this before on here, if you just stopped here, your life would radically change. Most people are unaware that they can separate themselves from their thinking. Most people are unaware that their thoughts are creations. You create a thought, you can create any thought you want and you’ve done this unconsciously, right? Your brain’s been at work doing this based on your experiences and your family and all of the things, right? So step one is just to discover what your currently believing.

Step number two is to decide what your highest self wants to believe. This is where you will feel the best and where you’ll create the best results in your life. So you know, an example is my highest self said I was a nondrinker and I really like to remind myself if I want to drink again, I totally can. It’s completely available to me right now. I just prefer not to drink. I did a lot of work on myself and I just decided, yeah, I don’t want to put that in my body. My highest self doesn’t. So I’m just gonna be a non-drinker for right now.

So step one again, awareness of what you’re currently believing. Step two is decide what your highest self wants to believe. And step three is to practice believing the new thought. You will know if you’re doing it right based on how you feel. So I broke down four different types of feelings that kind of will show you whether you’re doing this right. So a lot of times people will say, okay, I want to believe that it’s possible for me to make six figures online. I want to believe that it’s possible for me to lose the weight. I want to believe that it’s possible for me to have this amazing marriage. Right? They know what their dream belief is, but they kind of stop there as if their results are happening to them. There’s like that lack of ownership. You will know if you’re practicing the belief based on how you feel.

So the four different shifts that I came up with are disbelief, possibility, future confidence, and current belief. When you are in disbelief, it sounds like I can’t do that. Right, and you’re going to feel frustrated or sad or even jealous. That’s disbelief. Possibility is it’s possible. I could do that, right? Yeah. I think it’s kind of possible and you might feel some excitement. It might be in your upper body and your chest or your head. Your future confidence is the next level of belief. And that is, I know I will do this in the future. I know I will create a seven figure business in the future, right? It’s that future confidence and the feeling is maybe glad or determined or open. And then the final stage is current belief, and that is, I am a seven figure earner. It’s I am and you feel study and solid and it’s more in your gut.

So for you, when you look at an area of your life where you don’t have the result you want, I want you to discover what you’re currently believing that created that result. I want you to decide what your highest self wants to believe and then I want you to practice believing that thought and kind of keep track as to whether your practicing it effectively and you will shift from the disbelief of I can’t, to the possibility of I could to the future confidence of I will to the current belief of I am.

It sounds like I can never make six figures from my online business, too it’s possible one day I could make six figures online. I know I’m going to make six figures from my online business in a matter of time to the final one, I make six figures on line. Those belief shifts will happen. The more you practice your current belief and depending on where you are in your belief journey, you may have to incrementally shift from, I could never do that to it’s possible one day. So the more thought work you do, the easier it is for you to apply this process to different areas and you might be able to jump a little quicker. This is why life coaching is so amazing. This is why I hire a life coach. This is why I believe you need a life coach. This is why you should join me in Grow You. You can go to Natalie to learn more about that.

Because when you apply this work to your life and when you truly believe something new, you will create that result. The belief will align with the result and it’s a skill that you can get really, really good at. If you don’t have the result that you want yet, if you haven’t lost the weight, if you haven’t made the money, if you haven’t created your dream relationship, then there’s a part of you that doesn’t believe it and it’s okay if you are fumbling making mistakes and struggling along the way, it means nothing. Do not use that struggle as evidence to not believe, believe any way. You can still go on believing 100% in your ability to succeed and to have whatever life you want and as you’re doing this work, something that comes up a lot is other people’s belief in you.

I want to make two points about this that are really relevant here. First of all, it’s a really tempting to believe what other people believe in order to increase your connection with that person. But it may not serve you if their belief contradicts what you want to believe and you’re giving up what you want to believe just to have connection with that person. You are out of integrity with yourself. So if you’re connecting about being broke with people or you’re connecting about struggling with relationships with people, it pushes you further away from the belief that money is easy and that you’re in a happy, healthy relationship. So just notice that.

And the second point I wanna make about other people that I hear a lot is that you don’t need other people to believe in you, right? Who cares if they don’t believe in you, they don’t need to. You know why? Because they don’t create your results. If someone tells me that I’m a bad entrepreneur, I wouldn’t even acknowledge it. I would think they’re confused and wrong. And if someone tells me I’m an amazing entrepreneur, I say thank you, but I’m not super excited about it because I already know that. So notice if you’re putting too much weight into what other people think, that’s just a reflection of what you believe about yourself.

I was just coaching someone in Grow You on leadership about this. She gets really, really and excited when someone tells her that she’s doing a good job in her leadership role. And conversely she gets, you know, really frustrated and upset when someone tells her she’s not doing such a great job or she gets that criticism back. And I told her that that’s just a reflection of her self doubt of her belief. Right? If she truly believed that she was a great leader and someone told her, hey, you’re a great leader, she would say, oh thank you. But it wouldn’t be news to her. She wouldn’t get super excited about it cause she would already know that. And if someone gave her feedback about how to improve and she believed she was a great leader, she would say, oh thanks for the feedback. Like, I’ll consider that.

When you truly believe that you are what you want, like a great leader or a seven figure CEO or 125 pounds, you’re not going to get super excited when someone gives you that compliment and you’re not going to be super bothered when they tell you the opposite. So I know that when I’m putting too much attachment into what other people think about me, that has nothing to do with them and often other people are just mirroring what we believe anyways. I always bring it back to me and say, oh, that’s so interesting. I’m not believing 100% because I care so much. I’m looking to them for my own belief and remember what I started with, you can believe anything and I just want to offer to you that when you believe that you can have whatever you want, that you can create whatever you want, that anything is possible for you, you strengthen this skill and it’s a muscle and you get really good at it and you get really good at creating results for your life. And when you fully believe, your brain will look for evidence that what you’re believing is true. And then the how becomes more obvious and you have more ideas and it sparks creativity. And before you know it, your belief aligns and your result appears. Have an amazing week. I will talk to you next week. Bye bye.

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