Your to-do list is no longer the most important list you should be making to plan your week.

You heard me right.

Your “Being List” takes its place and it’s going to help you in any area of your life that you want results in and reach all of your goals in a shorter period of time.

When we set goals, we normally have a plan as to how we’re going to go about achieving them. We plan on our calendars and list out actionable steps.

This works only if you are becoming the person who has the results we want before taking action. When we focus too much on taking actions before we focus on having the right thoughts and feelings, we run into problems.

Taking action from who you are right now isn’t going to help you achieve your goals, in fact, it will keep you from achieving them. What you think is so important because it determines how you feel which determines how you act, which will determine your results.

ENTER: the “Being List.”

A “Being List” is your list of thoughts and feelings you need to have in order to be the person you want to achieve the goal you’re working on. This list helps you figure out exactly what you need to be thinking and feeling and the results are incredible.

In this episode, I show you how to create your own “Being List” to help you become the person you want to be and have the results you want.

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