Being List

Your to-do list is no longer the most important list you should be making to plan your week.

You heard me right.

Your “Being List” takes its place and it’s going to help you in any area of your life that you want results in and reach all of your goals in a shorter period of time.

When we set goals, we normally have a plan as to how we’re going to go about achieving them. We plan on our calendars and list out actionable steps.

This works only if you are becoming the person who has the results we want before taking action. When we focus too much on taking actions before we focus on having the right thoughts and feelings, we run into problems.

Taking action from who you are right now isn’t going to help you achieve your goals, in fact, it will keep you from achieving them. What you think is so important because it determines how you feel which determines how you act, which will determine your results.

ENTER: the “Being List.”

A “Being List” is your list of thoughts and feelings you need to have in order to be the person you want to achieve the goal you’re working on. This list helps you figure out exactly what you need to be thinking and feeling and the results are incredible.

In this episode, I show you how to create your own “Being List” to help you become the person you want to be and have the results you want.

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Full Creating A Being List Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Design Your Dream Life podcast where it’s all about designing your life on your terms and now your host, Natalie Bacon.

Hey, how are you? I am so glad to be with you today. I have been doing so much more coaching on Instagram and in my business and it’s just really fun because I just, I love coaching. I really, really do. Life coaching has changed my life and I think it’s such an honor to share all of these tools with you and coach clients. Super, super fun for me.

And of course I am always a student of it. So I’m constantly learning and coming up with the new ideas and I just love sharing them with you. And today’s new idea that I am going to tell you that you have to do immediately is called the being list. So I want you to create a being list. I’ve talked on the podcast already with you about Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza. If you have not read it, you absolutely must.

Same with The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman. And I’ve also talked a lot about massive action and massive thinking and creating your future from your future. So all of these concepts kind of relate to each other in so far as it’s helping you get whatever result you want for your life, right? That’s why this is called the Design Your Dream Life podcast and the being list is another tool that I’m going to teach you how to use to get that result in your life. Whatever it is you want.

So you can use this for setting business goals, setting career goals, setting money goals, setting relationship goals, setting health goals like religious goals, whatever it is for you. You can do this. So how we normally set goals, right? It’s like we pick this thing that we want and most of us have tons of fear and self doubt, which is totally normal.

And then we create some sort of list if we actually go forward with it, of things that we need to do in order to get this goal done. Like, maybe we’ll have mini goals or whatever it is, and then we put it on our calendar and we are taking action trying to get this result and sometimes we have successes and other times we have failures and it’s like a whole thing, right?

It’s kind of what we all do, but what I have been teaching you and what is sort of more difficult concept kind of to understand is how to become the person ahead of time so that you create the results, like almost guaranteed and so far as like you can guarantee it, this is the way to do it, right? Of course there are circumstances that happened beyond your control, but barring, you know, some crazy thing happening in your life, like you can almost guarantee the result.

And I did this in my business when I was becoming a six figure blogger, right? I went from zero to six figures and I of course took tons of action to get there, but what people really miss and what people underestimate how much thought work I had done right before that course, right before I made six figures, like I had become that person ahead of time.

So I already felt like a six figure blogger long before I ever saw the six figure numbers in my accounting software. And you know, I talked about how my blog coaches called me in, they’re freaking out and so excited and they were more excited than I was. Right? It’s like the excitement was there, but it’s like I was already that person, so I had already been excited about it. Well before I ever made six-figures.

I’ve done this as well whenever I’ve wanted to lose weight, I would like become that person ahead of time. And then it’s like almost effortlessly, right? Like the actions just fall into place. Well then the question is like, how do you do that? Right? And I think the being list is really, really going to help you.

But before I tell you exactly how to do that, I want to really help you see what the problem is when you’re focusing too much on actions and not on who you are in the future as the person who gets the results. So I will coach people a lot on personal development and mindset and money and business. And when it comes to business, I will have a lot of students and clients say they want to make six figures and they want to work from home and have the flexibility and make money online and they have all the desire, right?

And that’s actually pretty clear there. Very few people are like, Oh, I don’t know what, what that looks like. Help me figure that out. Right? They’re like, no. And they get really into it. They’re like, I know I’m going to spend my money on this and this. I’m like, the money’s gone and it’s not even there. Right? Like they have this idea of how they would live their lives so differently if they had the result that they wanted, especially with making money online and building an online business.

And so that’s like super fun and they do all this work around that and they’re really clear. And then what happens is they go right back into talking about what is on their to do list or their action list for the current month for the week, right? It’s like, okay, well this week I’m trying to figure out how to make time to write a blog post or do a podcast or thinking about how I can fit this in with my other obligations.

And it’s so interesting as a coach to be on the other side of that because I can tell almost immediately whether someone already has the mindset and will be successful or whether they still have a lot of mindset work to do before success ever comes to them. So what I see so often is that there’s a huge disconnect between the desire and the end result that’s wanted and what people are doing in their day to day lives. Right.

And this makes sense because if they were already doing the thing that would get them the result, they would have the result. So as a coach, right. And as your teacher, I want to help you bring awareness to this in your own life for whatever goal you’re working on. So if you have this result that you have in mind that you want, like let’s say you want to make six figures and an online business, whatever online business that is, whether it’s blogging or life coaching or some other online business, it can be anything.

Let’s say that’s your end goal. You want to make money online. The mental state that you have to be in to get those results is what you need to be thinking about. You have to practice having thoughts and feelings that a person would have making six figures, and I’m telling you that you might not have clarity on exactly what that is, but there are enough people on the internet talking about it and there are enough people on the internet talking about whatever result it is that you want, that you can see their mindset and see what they’re thinking, right? You can do this for anything. You can do this with relationships. You can do this for weight loss. The person who makes six figures from their business is not trying to figure out how to squeeze in their business and it’s not like this little thing that if it doesn’t work out, what’s going to happen, right?

She is all in. Like I was all in on my business. I started acting as if my business was making the money before it ever made the money. I literally like consistently just create the result in my business by taking action as if I already have that result and then I create it. I love the quote. It’s like don’t be a product of your environment. Make your environment a product of you. That is literally what I do consistently and it’s a little scary, right?

I remember when I first did this, and this is going to sound like so funny to you, but I had just gone through a horrible breakup and I had planned on getting hair extensions when we got engaged and it was something I always wanted and I was going to do it for engagement photos and we broke up and like you know, months after getting over that I was really upset that I could no longer get hair extensions.

Like this was just something I wanted like for personal medical reasons. My hair was like thinning a little bit. No I’m fine, I’m healthy. It was just from a medication. So my hair is thinning, I’m trying to build my business. I want hair extensions so bad and I always say like you can do whatever you want just like your reason. And what I did not like was that I wasn’t getting hair extensions because I was worried about what other people thought.

That’s a really bad reason to do anything. Right. The truth is I would rather lower my expenses or make more money or whatever it is and have hair extensions. Like that is so important to me and I’m laughing, right? Cause it’s hair extensions, it’s fine. It’s not like that important to me. Like I’m not putting it up there with other like values.

But in terms of lifestyle, it’s really important to me and I was like, screw it. I’m getting hair extensions. I don’t care what anyone thinks. And me tell you what, that was the first action I took as if I had a six figure business already and every single action I took after that, I did it from that place of I already have a six figure business.

I’m telling you when you operate from the place of I have whatever it is I want, the result comes right? So it was just like a domino effect. I got hair extensions, then I got, I did a photoshoot and then I rebranded my website and then I’m rebranding my courses. Right? And the money is just going up and up and up. Why is this true? Right? It’s because of positioning. So something I teach in business and it’s a little bit more of an advanced business concept, but is it’s positioning.

So you have to be positioned in a way such that you’ll attract your customers, right, whoever you want. So it’s like I started acting as if I was in the position that I wanted. So that’s an example for business and I acted like a pro, right? And I constantly do this now to get from six figures to seven figures.

And what I help newbies do is try to get their mindset in a place of they have a six figure business, right? People used to ask me like, or actually they they didn’t ask me, they wouldn’t tell me what my plan B was if my business didn’t work out. And I was always so fascinated by this. Like never once. Y’all never once did I think what am I going to do if this doesn’t work out right? Never once did it cross my mind, right?

It’s just all in. I’m all in with everything. Be that type of person. That’s how you get results. And yes, are there failures? Absolutely. Businesses fail all the time. It’s totally fine. You figure out what your next plan A is after that happens. You don’t plan for it ahead of time.

It’s like getting married. You’re not like, well, what’s plan B? Who’s up and next on deck? If this guy doesn’t work out? It’s insane! You would never do that. But it’s like we want to know like, okay, well if this doesn’t work out, what are we going to do? And we think that that’s really useful. But what that’s doing is that’s like creating thoughts for you to think about like this isn’t going to work out and you, you encourage that doubt, right? What if it does work out? So I want you to do this for whatever result it is you want in your life.

Whether it’s weight loss, whether it’s making money on the internet, whether it’s making money, you know, in your job, you know, maybe you have a job where you make $50,000 a year and you want to make $500,000 a year. What is the person who makes $500 K a year think and feel on a daily basis?

I was talking to my life coach, I have several, I call him my O G life coach, which means original gangster and he’s actually just one of my friends who coaches me just because he’s just naturally really good. We joke that he gets his training from a combination of his parents and Jay Z. So anyway, I was saying to him that something wasn’t working and I asked him what I should do next. So this is the sign that you’re not where you need to be. It’s like you’re always looking for someone outside of you for the answers.

Cause like for sure someone else knows, right? Like they always know. The coach always knows. And I was like, what do I do next? And you know what he said? He said, I don’t know what you should do but you should try something different and see what works. And I was like, that is everything. That line is just everything, right.

No one really knows what to do, but just try something different and see if it works. And that is a skillset that you need to get really, really good at. And it’s something that we’re just trained not to do right? From a young age in school. And our parents were always trained to ask someone ahead of us what the answer is. And what I want you to do instead is to say, okay, well that didn’t work. Let me try something different. It is really something that will get you new results.

So all of that is to say that I want you to create a being list. A being a list is your list of thoughts and feelings that you need to think and feel to be the person you want to be to achieve the goal you’re working on. So if it’s in business, like what’s your goal right now? Are you trying to create a six figure business or a seven figure business? Right? For me it would be a seven figure business. So what I am doing on a weekly basis as I think, what are the thoughts I would be thinking if I made seven figures from my business, what emotions would I feel if I was making seven figures from my business? And the thoughts and feelings that I need to think and practice will be who I’m being. And it’s so interesting doing this. It’s really mind blowing.

You can do this at any level that you’re at. It does not need to be for business. It can be for your career, it can be for relationships, weight loss, like whatever it is and the other area of your life. And it’s so interesting because no matter what area I do it for my life, what I find the result is that I’m like taking it way more seriously.

So there is a difference between wanting something and wanting to want it. And I love this. It’s kind of like metta, but it’s so good. So when you want something that you don’t have, it’s a very likely that you’re actually wanting to want it. So wanting to want, it means that you have the desire but you’re not thinking and feeling like you already have it. I love this Abraham Hicks quote, if something you want is slow to come to you, it can be for only one reason. You’re spending more time focused upon its absence than you are about its presence, right?

So it’s like that desperation. It’s like, Oh, I want it so bad. Right? It’s like the wanting to lose weight so bad, the wanting to make money so bad, the wanting the better relationships so bad and you just like want it. That is actually wanting to want it.

When you want it just one level deep, you become that person ahead of time. Right? So like when I wanted to make six figures and I wasn’t there yet and I decided like committed to making six figures, right? I was all in and I started to think and feel as if I already had that result. So then all of my actions came from that place, right? When you have doubt and when you’re dabbling in business, you’re not getting up at 4:00 AM to work on it.

I was in, I was so in, I was up at 4:00 AM and I was happy about it cause I knew it, I expected it. I wasn’t focused on the absence of the money. I was focused on it being there. Right. So interestingly, I just started to do this, like I said, with business and scaling to seven figures and it’s so funny.

The action list, the to do list that I had for that week was so different when I operated from a place of, Oh yeah, my business already makes seven figures now be careful here because especially with money, people do this and then they’ll think about what they would do with the money. Like it’s like the spending of the money. It’s like, Oh I want to buy a Range Rover and I would hire a nanny. It’s like that’s not what I mean. Like trust me, you do not need a list for what you’ll do with the money.

Like you’ll have no problem figuring that out. Right. What you need to be thinking about is the thoughts you would have as the person who creates that money. Yeah. See that difference there? It’s not how you would spend it, right? You’ll be fine. I promise. Think about how you would create the money. Think about, you know, are you someone who sells courses? Are you someone who is a life coach? Are you someone who’s a blogger? Are you someone who sells, you know, in an eCommerce store, what are you doing to sell online? Right? Everything.

That’s how money is like exchanged. It’s through selling something. So just think about that. Think about what would you think and what would you feel. So when I did, this it’s so funny. Literally the next day I raised my prices and my courses instantly and it’s so funny and I did that from a place of being the person who has a seven figure business, not because I need more money from the people, it’s because the courses are already worth so much more that I’m repositioning myself and saying like, Oh yeah, this is the value in the course.

And it’s so interesting. Sales have not gone down, right? It’s like in business, if they’ll pay $200 they’ll pay $500 if they’ll pay $500 they’ll pay a thousand right? That’s always how it goes. Whether someone buys or not is not about the cost of it or the price, it’s just not. It’s a whole different podcast. But what’s interesting is that the people who are signing up are taking it so much more seriously.

They’re all in because they spent more on the course. That’s why I refuse to give away my courses for free too, I mean, my friends anymore. I did that and they never go through it. It’s like so interesting, which gets into the psychology of money, right? When you give your money in exchange for value, you value it more, right? It’s like, what is something worth? Well, it’s totally relative. So what I want you to do is think about the result that you want.

Say you want to lose weight. Think about what kind of thoughts you would be as the person who weighed the amount that you want to weigh. What would the emotions be that you would feel right? You’re not like worried about going to the party with all the food there and what you’re going to be doing. You’re just someone who’s not even tempted by it and you have some cravings and it’s like a nonissue.

So the thoughts that you will think as the person who has the result that you want are totally different than the thoughts you think. Now think about this, right? You will realize how much more seriously you take everything in your life when you do this and it’s kind of interesting. You might find that you actually like wanting to want it instead of actually wanting it. And why is this? Because it takes giving up your identity as who you are now to be completely uncomfortable to get whatever it is you actually want.

I think it’s totally worth it, but I am not surprised when other people don’t. Right? It takes a lot. So I really liked writing on my easel every week. What my being list is. I write down the thoughts I would have as the person who has the results that I want in whatever area it is. And I also write down the feelings that I need to experience. Right?

So your thoughts always cause your feelings. This is just the way of it. This is scientific. It’s not just my opinion, your thoughts cause how you feel in your body. So if you need to be committed and all in right, you need to be thinking thoughts of commitment and being all in right and determined and sometimes the feelings that you need to experience aren’t necessarily positive. If you’re really like easy going and you love being in flow and you love like taking it easy and you want to build an online business, you have to practice feelings that are going to be really uncomfortable for you.

Like being determined and having courage and being committed to your business. And when you actually decide that you want something instead of just wanting to want it, you will practice thoughts of being the person. Yeah, you will practice feelings and it will take giving up kind of the identity that you have now to become that new person.

I know that it can be a challenge. I am going through it now. It’s funny. Yesterday, one of my friends who also does some work for me texted me and was like, can I call you? I have a question about something. I was like, Oh yeah, I’m just on the floor and she was like, Oh my gosh, are you okay? I’m like, Oh yeah, totally fine. I just need a break from recording. It was so funny. It’s just like you will be uncomfortable, right? Like I was literally just like on the floor.

Like people ask me how I do this and stay so positive. It’s like, yes, I’m positive and that’s a choice. But yes, I also feel negative emotion and discomfort all the time and on purpose because I know exactly where my business is going. Exactly where it’s going. I don’t have a doubt. I act as if it’s already there. Right? 

I rebranded my courses, I launched coaching. I am doing all the things as if I already have the results and now watch that result come to me. I have people tell me that they enjoy watching me work. That is number one, like a really weird thing to say to someone. It’s also a weird thing to hear someone say to you, but I know what they mean. I know exactly what they mean because I take my business so seriously.

I love my business. I attend to it. I don’t overwork right anymore. Thankfully, because I did the zero to six figures and now I can scale a little bit. Super fun. Online business, you can scale and work less. Okay? So I gave a lot of online business examples. I want you to know that you can do this for any area of your life and I want you to be really clear about how to do it.

So just again, what I want you to do is every week before you write out your to do’s your to do list because action flows from your thoughts and feelings. So if you’re thinking and feeling as if someone who doesn’t have the results you have, you’re going to take more action as if you don’t have those results. So I want you to, before you create your to do lists, I want you to create your being list and I want you to say what thoughts would I have if I had this result?

And write down a couple thoughts that you would have as the person with the result you want. Write down what feelings you would have as the person who had the result and then do your to do list, right? And practice those thoughts. It’s not like write them down once. I have them on my easel and I walk by it like it’s in the middle of my hallway.

I’m always practicing those, right? You have to rewire your brain to form new neural pathway so you actually believe them and then do this every week. And the reason that you want to rewrite it every week is because you will grow and change and the thoughts that you thought would be the thoughts to get you where you want to go won’t be the thoughts at all, right? But you just can’t know that now. So you’re just growing incrementally week by week.

And if you don’t see new results, then you know you’re doing it wrong. Like I’m talking within a week or two, you will see different results because it’s like instinct. When you’re being someone different, you will get new results right away. And this is exactly what happened to me when I started being the person who had seven figures. That’s why I’ve taken all the action that I’ve taken thus far, and that is what I want for you.

So just pay attention to whether you’re getting new and different results. If you are indulging in confusion and saying, I don’t know, and your brain will try to do this to you, know that you’re not doing it right. So just literally stop yourself, start over, create a being list, and then just move from there. And the action will flow so much more naturally because you will have been practicing the thoughts and the feelings to get that result.

So if you want more of this, you can take my Free Personal Development Course, There’s dashes in between there,, and you will get free lessons on how to master your mindset and think about this differently to actually get results that last. Okay, I love you. Have an amazing week. I will see you next time.

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