Asking your mind questions

Think about where you want to be one year from now.

What do you want to be different?

Do you want more money? Better health? To lose weight? To quit your job?

Whatever it is, imagine that you could have it next year, or at the very least, be well on your way to creating it.

At the root of getting whatever it is you want one year from now is your present-day thinking.

This is because of the following truth:

Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings create your actions. Your actions create your results.

  • Thoughts –> Feelings –> Actions –> Results

Circumstances are neutral.

If you can intentionally choose what you believe, you can change your thinking to get the exact results you want.

But it’s not as easy as “thinking new thoughts.” Affirmations alone don’t work.

You have to believe the new thought. And it has to create the new feeling.

Otherwise, it doesn’t work.

Repeating something you want to believe, but don’t, won’t create the feeling you want. So, you won’t get the new result.

This is where the most amazing tool comes in: Questions.

If you want to listen instead of read, here’s the podcast episode that goes along with this post — Questions.

I also talked about how I used the Questions technique to get into an $18k coaching program without paying for it.

Even with that post, I continue to get questions about using the Questions technique, so I want to elaborate more on it here.


The Questions Technique: Ask Your Mind Questions

The Questions technique is a tool where you put your brain to work by asking your mind effective questions to get the answer you want.

The way you do this is by choosing one question to focus on until you get the answer you want.

Think of what you want the most in your life, then think of a great question to ask to set your brain up to find the answer.

Keeping it to one question at a time until you get the answer you want is useful because it may take time for your brain to give you the answer you want.

You can write out the question, repeat the question to yourself daily, or type it on your computer.

It doesn’t matter how you rehearse it. The point is that you are constantly putting your brain to work on that one question.


How It Works

Here’s how it works…

Your brain is like a computer.

When you ask it questions, it can’t help but come up with the answer.

Your brain will answer anything.

Your brain focuses on what you tell it to focus on.

If you ask negative questions, it will give you the answers.

If you ask positive questions, it will give you positive answers.

Your brain will look for evidence to prove the result you’re seeking.

For example, if you say, “why is money such a problem?” your brain will look for all the reasons why money is always a problem for you.

If you say, “how can I create more money in my business?” your brain will look for ways for you to create more money.

If you create questions with empowering beliefs, you will get an empowering answer.


The Answer

The answer to your question will probably be something you didn’t expect.

You may have new thoughts about how impossible that seems or ridiculous or something else.

You may have fear.

Don’t listen to this part of your brain.

Take action fast.


Why This Is Important

Questions is an important tool because it allows you to easily change your thinking instead of trying to force it.

Remember: Your thoughts create your feelings. Your feelings create your actions. Your actions create your results. Circumstances are neutral.

Knowing this, you’re going to want to control your mind and tell it what to think.

The problem is sometimes – a lot of the time – your thoughts are deeply held, subconscious beliefs.

Even if you want to change them, you genuinely have trouble doing it.

Questions is a way for you to find new thoughts that you can believe without forcing yourself to try to believe something you don’t. Essentially, the Questions tool gives you new thoughts that you actually believe.

For example, if you want to build a six figures business but you don’t think it’s really possible for you, instead of trying to force yourself to believe “I can build a six figure business,” you can ask yourself a question like, “how can I build a six figure business?”

Your brain will give you the answer. It may take some time (where you have to repeat the question and continue to ask it), but you will definitely get an answer.

This reframe into a question is really powerful. It will give you new and believable thoughts. And those new beliefs will cause your feelings, which will cause your actions, and lead to new results.


“I Don’t Know” And Confusion

Instead of saying “I don’t know” and living in confusion, ask yourself supportive questions.

This will move you forward.

Living in confusion keeps you stuck.

I don’t know keeps you stuck.

For example, if you think you’re not sure what kind of business you should start, you could ask yourself questions like, “what would be the most fun business for me to start?” or “how can I make more money online?”


Examples Of Good Questions

Here are examples of good questions you can ask yourself…

  • How can I have fun today?
  • How can I love more today?
  • How can I make more money in my business?
  • What’s the person who I want to become thinking about?
  • How can I be more productive?
  • How can I lose more weight?
  • What kind of wife (husband) or partner do I want to be?
  • How can I grow my business this year?
  • How can I stop struggling with my goals?
  • How can I design my future from my future?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • How can I love my money more?
  • What can I do to be a better partner?
  • What can I do to experience my emotions, instead of react, avoid, or resist my emotions?
  • What can I do to live my best life?

If you want amazing answers, ask amazing questions.


Where To Start

If you have a specific goal that you are burning to get the result for, start with creating a supportive question in that area of your life.

Otherwise, here is a series of 4 questions to start with that will no less than rock your world (at least they rocked mine!).


Q1: Ask yourself, “what am I thinking?”

This is the most powerful question you can ask because it shows you the 60k+ thoughts you are thinking by default every day.

Write down what you’re thinking. Don’t stop writing. Just write and write for 10-20 minutes.

This will reveal what you’re thinking.

You will find that you’re results are not surprising based on what you’re thinking.

If you want to know what your future looks like, pay attention to what your thoughts are.

Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your actions and your actions create your results. Your thoughts lead to what you create in the future.


Q 2: Ask yourself, “how does this thought feel?”

If the thought doesn’t produce a good feeling, you may not want to think it.

There are going to be times when you want to think thoughts that produce negative emotion.

But doing it this way shows you it’s your choice. It’s not something outside of you that’s causing your feelings.

Make sure you give a ONE word answer to this question (e.g.: happy, sad, fearful, excited, love, steady, anxious, grateful, etc.)


Q3: Ask yourself, “why am I choosing to think this?”

This wording reminds you that every thought is a choice.

It gives you your responsibility back.

It shows you it’s not your circumstances causing anything. It’s your thoughts about them.

You may think that it’s your circumstances, but it’s not. It’s your thoughts about your circumstances.


  • What am I thinking? I’m thinking that I can’t make money from my blog.
  • How does this thought feel? Hopeless
  • Why am I choosing to think this? Because I haven’t done it before.
  • This exercise will show you an awareness to how you’re thinking is causing your feelings, which is causing your actions and results. Just becoming aware of your mind and knowing that your thoughts are choices is enough to start the process of change.


Q4: What result I want?

When you ask yourself “what do I want as a result” you can start to imagine what it would be like to experience the result.

You start to think like the person who has that result.

You start to feel like the person who has that result.

Start to practice this daily.

Write down what the person who has the result you want would be thinking and feeling.

Quite literally, practice becoming that person now. 


  • What result do I want? To create a six figure online business and quit my job.
  • What does someone who has a six figure online business think about?
  • How to grow her business to seven figures
  • How to serve her audience more
  • How to over deliver in value
  • Goals for the next 18-24 months
  • Scaling revenue, building a team, working fewer hours
  • Producing more
  • No worry
  • Expectancy
  • What does someone who has a six figure online business feel?
  • Confident
  • Steady
  • Committed
  • This exercise will get you in the space of creating new neuro-pathways where you literally create a new person in your mind. You start to experience yourself as the person you want to be in the future. When you think the thoughts and feel the feelings you want, you create the new version you want to be. The more you spend time in this space mentally, the more you’ll create the real result in your life.


A Final Note!

Asking your brain questions is my favorite personal development tool because it allows you to create new thoughts that you believe and can take from.

No matter what day it is, what problem you’re facing, or what result you want most, Questions can always help.

It helped me get into an $18k coaching program without paying for it that changed my life forever.

I know it can do so much for you, too.

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