Mantras, affirmations, and thoughts all are a way for you to manage your mind so you can show up as the woman and mom you want to be. Positive affirmations to tell yourself every day can be simple, doable, and life-changing.

Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every Day

1. Happiness is up to me.

Repeating this affirmation to yourself every day will help you focus on happiness. What you focus on expands, so if you want to increase your “happiness set point” (where you feel most comfortable) then this affirmation will do just that.

2. I’m valuable and important.

Practicing this affirmation will help you create self-validation. Instead of seeking so much external validation (approval from others), this affirmation will help you close that gap so that the validation you give yourself makes you feel good enough.


3. I’m a good woman, wife, mom, and friend.

This affirmation will give you inner self-trust and self-confidence. On default, we tend to look outward to 1) our kids’ performance, 2) our peer group, and 3) our home to determine if we’re doing a good enough job. For example, if we have a messy home, we make it mean we’re not good enough. Or if our kids are rude we make it mean we’re doing a bad job as a mom. Instead of looking outward to determine your goodness on things you can’t control, look inward and decide that you are good enough no matter what. From there, you’ll show up as a better woman, wife, mom, and friend.

4. I give myself permission to say yes to myself and no to others.

As a recovering people pleaser, this affirmation is one of my favorites. It’s a reminder to prioritize what you value so you lead your life instead of feeling like you’re at the affect of it, never having time for what’s important to you.

5. I can handle whatever comes my way.

This affirmation will help you remember that you have a 100% success rate navigating every challenge you’ve had in the past. This means, there’s nothing coming your way that you can’t handle. Remind yourself of this truth with this affirmation of encouragement.

6. My feelings are valid.

This affirmation will help you pause, take a moment for yourself, and validate your feelings. When you feel connected to how you feel, you’ll feel more grounded and loving. With a greater sense of self love, you’ll have a better overall experience.


7. There’s an opportunity to grow with every mistake I make.

Remind yourself that you’re a human being, which means you’re not supposed to take perfect action. You’re supposed to make mistakes and fail. It’s not whether you fail, it’s what you make each failure mean. With this affirmation, you can turn your mistakes into lessons, so you fail forward.

8. I’m more capable than I realize.

This affirmation will help you break through limiting beliefs you have about yourself. Instead of feeling insecure and being fueled by self-doubt, you’ll feel more empowered to create your desires.

9. I was made for this.

When you start to question yourself or think you don’t know what to do next, remind yourself that you were made for this. It’s one of my all-time favorite affirmations because of how concise, yet powerful, it is.

A Final Note!

Affirmations only work to the extent that you believe them. If any of these don’t “feel true” to you, then come on into Grow You, my coaching program, where I can help you create a more empowered mindset.