Do you ever wake up and have thoughts like “I just can’t” or “I’m so exhausted already”?

If you’re anything like me, you do.

You don’t wake up and pop out of bed with the most positive mindset.

And that’s okay! Nothing has gone wrong. Your brain is just a little sleepy and adjusting to the day.

Instead of letting those “morning thoughts” ruin your day, you can try a few simple mindset shifts.

I’m calling these “affirmations” here but if you know my work, I typically call them “thoughts to borrow” to make a point that you want to try on the thought (practice repeating it) and see how it feels for you. Not all affirmations work the same for everyone.

So with the affirmations below, repeat them, see how they feel, and keep the ones you love (ditch those you don’t).

These affirmations can help you shift your mood simply by changing what you tell yourself in the morning.

21 Positive Affirmations To Tell Yourself Every Day

Here’s a list of 21 positive affirmations to tell yourself every day. They’re my favorite!

1. I can do hard things.
2. I was made for this.
3. Today is a gift and there is so much to be grateful for.
4. It’s okay to feel any emotion; I welcome all of it.
5. I can’t control anyone else, but I can choose how I respond.
6. I’m proud of myself for creating the life I have.
7. My future is a blank canvas, and I can create anything I truly desire.
8. Prioritizing my needs and taking care of myself makes me a better person, woman, wife, and mom.
9. Life is supposed to be 50-50; 50% amazing and 50% mess.
10. I made a mistake, but I’m not a mistake.
11. It was always supposed to happen this way.
12. I’m kind of amazing.
13. My happiness is important.
14. Doing less and saying no makes it easier for me to have a spacious calm life.
15. I give myself permission to relax and rest, as my body needs it.
16. My body is incredible, and I’m so grateful for it.
17. I’m a human being with needs, and when I pause to honor my own needs, I show myself love and respect.
18. I’m a “world’s okayest mom”—half mess and half amazing.
19. I can choose to feel any emotion I want today; my happiness is up to me.
20. There’s nothing so important that it is worth sacrificing my peace over.
21. I’m doing my best and that is good enough.

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A Final Note

There’s always another thought to think that feels better than what you’re thinking now.

That’s the beauty of doing thought work—you always have control over how you think and feel.

These affirmations to tell yourself every day are a great way to get started doing just that.